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Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa

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Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa Description

Located in Tsukiji, Tokyo, Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa is a unique dining establishment that combines the flavors of sushi and yakiniku (Japanese barbecue). This restaurant is known for its signature dish, the 'Genshi Yaki Uo,' which is a perfectly grilled premium sashimi. The chefs at Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa skillfully prepare the sashimi, ensuring that it is cooked to perfection.

One of the standout features of this restaurant is its commitment to quality. They use only the freshest ingredients, including top-grade seafood, to create their dishes. The menu offers a variety of options, including the 'Special Tsukiji Kalbi,' which is a must-try. The restaurant also offers a selection of courses, such as the 'Ultimate Seafood Course,' where you can savor the best of Tsukiji's seafood.

The ambiance of Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa is warm and inviting, with a modern and stylish decor. The attentive and friendly staff provide excellent service, ensuring that your dining experience is enjoyable from start to finish. Whether you're a sushi lover or a yakiniku enthusiast, Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa is a dining destination that sets itself apart with its unique fusion of flavors and commitment to quality.

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Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa Overview


1f 4-chōme-13-5 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045


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+81 (0) 50-5487-3145

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Tsukijishijo Station

Oedo LineToei Subway Oedo Line

Tsukiji Station

Hibiya LineTokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-10:00PM
Mon: Closed
Tue: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-10:00PM
Wed: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-10:00PM
Thur: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-10:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-10:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-10:00PM

Payment Methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Home Delivery

Take-out Available

Reservations Accepted


Private Dining Room


Sake Selection

Wheelchair Accessible

Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa Reviews

Tsukiji Yaki Uo Ishikawa Google Average Rating



Everything tastes incredibly fresh and was happy with the level of quality. Not many places are going to serve grilled tuna like this, so make sure you order it in some shape or form. My partner doesn't like onions as much and they were able to limit the amount in the prepared dishes.

The highlight was definitely the grilled otoro tuna as it allowed both a new taste and texture to be unlocked. Their rice is also amazing.

Make a reservation so you can have the feeling of walking past everyone waiting in line.


First time instead of meat, we grilled fish like tuna or white fish instead. Bring my friend who pescatarian here and she likes it too. They have the set menu for fish grilled and also have the seafood bowl type of menu.


This place specializes in grilled maguro over table stoves. Menu is very simple, mostly variations of grilled fish and seafood.
The set comes with a bowl of unique dark vinegar seasoned sushi rice which goes down very easy paired with the BBQ fish.
Cosy and inviting booth seating for groups.
The staff will seat you and assist you to grill the fish at your table.
Overall an excellent departure from the typical sashimi don place.

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