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Located in Tokyo, Tsune Sushi is a hidden gem for sushi enthusiasts. This restaurant offers a traditional Japanese dining experience with a modern twist. The sleek and minimalist decor creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for savoring the exquisite flavors of their sushi creations.

Tsune Sushi prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients to craft their sushi dishes. From melt-in-your-mouth sashimi to perfectly seasoned rice, each bite is a symphony of flavors. One of their standout menu items is the omakase, a chef's choice selection that showcases the skill and artistry of the sushi chefs. The attention to detail and dedication to quality sets Tsune Sushi apart from other sushi restaurants in the area.

Whether you are a sushi connoisseur or new to Japanese cuisine, Tsune Sushi offers an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving more. Immerse yourself in the world of authentic Japanese flavors at this hidden sushi haven in the heart of Tokyo.

Tsune Sushi Overview


1-chōme−8−5 Nakazato, Kita City, Tokyo 114-0015


+81 (0) 3-3827-9323

Operating Hours

Sun: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Mon: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Tue: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Wed: Closed
Thur: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Fri: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Sat: 6:00PM-10:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, AMEX

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted


Private Dining Room

Sake Selection

Tsune Sushi Reviews

Tsune Sushi Google Average Rating



Great sake, great sushi along with good old local atmosphere. It’s in the area you won’t see any tourist, so it could be a great option when you want to take your foreign friends to a hidden sushi place.


My favourite sushi restaurant.


This is a leftover for two people, so it's not a regular menu, but it's for your reference ^*^

I felt full and satisfied.


●This is my second visit|2023.7.15
This is my second visit for my daughter's birthday. At my daughter's passionate request, she couldn't forget the deliciousness of the conger eel and chutoro from last time. I made a reservation for 7pm, but it seems to be popular and full as usual.
And, as expected, the conger eel and chutoro were delicious. And this time, the rock oysters were delicious! Furthermore, the horse mackerel was so delicious that I ended up eating 4 pieces of it.
I'm a little nervous since I only know the prices of alcoholic beverages, but this time I ordered 2 cups of sake, Sudachi Sour, 2 glasses of juice, 2 rock oysters, assorted sashimi, grilled geso, 8 pieces of conger eel nigiri, 7 pieces of medium fatty nigiri, and engawa. It was 27,500 yen for 2 pieces, 2 pieces of squid, 4 pieces of horse mackerel, 1 piece of octopus, 2 pieces of salmon roe, tekka roll, trotaku roll, and anakyu roll. It's scary to only know the total amount without details, but I guess you can't replace it with this deliciousness. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing.

The conger eel, medium fatty tuna, and shellfish are especially delicious!
I was looking for a sushi restaurant in my neighborhood and found this on Google Maps. I was having trouble finding Sushiyuki in my neighborhood, but ended up choosing this one.
In conclusion, everything is delicious. Among them, the conger eel, medium fatty tuna, and shellfish sashimi are especially delicious. Also, milt sashimi. Well, everything.
The sardine nigiri was also excellent. Nigiri has a large amount of toppings, so you will feel very satisfied and full! I made a reservation, but it was full.


I thoroughly enjoyed Tsune Sushi.

Everything here is fresh, so whatever you eat is delicious.
There is a wide variety and quantity of sashimi. Shellfish are especially delicious, and they seem to have about 10 different types of shellfish. There are people who come just for the shellfish and there are also regular customers.

The nigiri is good, but the knob is so delicious that I end up filling my stomach before I can get to the nigiri. With a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, this restaurant is perfect for drinkers.

A cozy family-run shop. It's a popular restaurant in Komagome, so it's best to make a reservation. Lately, I feel like there are a lot of new customers, not just regulars.

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