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Japanese: Ramen

Waizu Kanda Ramen

Waizu Kanda Ramen Overview


3-chōme-9-6 Uchikanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0047


+81 (0) 3-5256-0313


2 minute walk from Kanda Station

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 10:30AM-12:00AM
Tue: 10:30AM-12:00AM
Wed: 10:30AM-12:00AM
Thur: 10:30AM-12:00AM
Fri: 10:30AM-12:00AM
Sat: 10:30AM-9:00PM

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Waizu Kanda Ramen Description

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Kanda in Tokyo, Waizu Kanda Ramen is a must-visit for ramen enthusiasts. This charming restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional ramen, specializing in both classic ramen dishes and Taiwan-style mixed noodles. With a cozy and inviting atmosphere, Waizu Kanda Ramen provides the perfect setting for a satisfying and delicious meal.

What sets Waizu Kanda Ramen apart from other dining establishments is their dedication to quality and authenticity. The chefs at Waizu Kanda Ramen have mastered the art of ramen-making, using only the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Each bowl of ramen is carefully crafted to perfection, with rich and flavorful broth, tender noodles, and a variety of toppings to choose from.

One of the standout menu items at Waizu Kanda Ramen is their Taiwan-style mixed noodles, also known as 'Taiwan Maze Soba.' This unique dish combines the flavors of Taiwan and Japan, featuring a delicious medley of noodles, minced pork, vegetables, and a special sauce. The combination of textures and flavors in this dish is truly exceptional, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Whether you're craving a classic bowl of ramen or looking to try something new and exciting, Waizu Kanda Ramen is the place to be. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, top-notch ingredients, and mouthwatering menu, this restaurant is a true gem in the heart of Tokyo. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in a truly unforgettable dining experience at Waizu Kanda Ramen.

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Waizu Kanda Ramen Reviews

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Delicious thick ramen place near Kanda station. It has one of the most original and delicious flavors. The soup is quite thick and oily, the slices of meat are also thick and the noodles are yummy.


This is the best pork/gammon-tenderloin Ramen I have had in Tokyo ¥1090.00 . Great value for money, an authentic experience of flavour and culture. Staff are extremely friendly and will use Google translate to communicate with westerners. I highly reccomend this hidden little house of flavours. Thank you Waizu Kanda. I will be back.


Amazing. All of it! If you see a line up outside it goes by fast and is worth the wait. We went twice BC it was so good. Cash only.

We actually were having a hard time with google maps and looked very lost. A local guy came up to us to offer help and when he found out where we were going he was to the moon stoked that we were going to his favorite ramen place. He walked us there with his friends and it was very nice of them. Hahaha thank you kind strangers!!!!


Translated from Japanese:

---------‎◯‎menu◯---------?・Noritama Ramen ¥1,090---------------------- ---------??This time it's Kanda Ramen...


Translated from Japanese:

I finally visited a restaurant called Waizu, which I had been working as a BM for a long time.One of the most popular restaurants in Tokyo.On the day I started working for a family member who couldn't find a home, I went there after a toast.The restaurant was full, and there were usually about 3 people in line. It seems like there is...


Translated from Japanese:

Although the pork bone soup is hot, it has no odor and tastes similar to the original Iekei ramen, which is addictive. Noritama ramen 1,160 yen + large size 150 yen + small rice 150 yen Tomorrow is a holiday, so I added garlic...

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