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Yonemasu Overview


1 Chome-9-16 Oyodominami, Kita Ward, Osaka 531-0075


+81 (0) 6345-1107


15 minutes walk from JR Osaka Station
7 minutes walk from JR Fukushima Station

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun: 2PM-8:30 PM

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Yonemasu Description

Yonemasu is an award-winning establishment, currently ranked #2 on Tablelog for its unmatched gastronomic experiences. From its refined interior to the exceptional service, each facet of this restaurant reflects its pursuit of excellence. The owner, often referred to as the general, exudes a blend of warmth and humility, ensuring every patron feels cherished.
Each dish is a testament to the freshness and meticulous preparation. The menu, drawing inspiration from Japan's vast palette of ingredients, invites diners on a sensory journey. Yonemasu's culinary philosophy is about celebrating the natural essence of every ingredient. Signature offerings such as the sesame tofu pike and spiny lobster whelk stand out, showcasing the breadth and depth of their culinary acumen. For those who've frequented the establishment since its early days, the allure of Yonemasu remains unwavering. Beyond the tantalizing dishes, it's the genuine sincerity of the couple running the place that makes each visit a heartwarming experience to cherish.

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Yonemasu Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
I gave a frame to a friend and visited.
Needless to say, the food, interior and service were all excellent.
The general was also very polite with a low waist and was very likable.
In addition, it is a famous store that you definitely want to visit if you have the chance.


Translated from Japanese:
It goes without saying that it's delicious, but it's a good restaurant where you can relax and eat!


Translated from Japanese:
The ingredients were very fresh, each dish was delicate and very delicious, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was very calm and I was able to eat comfortably.


Translated from Japanese:
How to use ingredients is simple and ultimate
Anyway, the use of all the ingredients is exquisite.
Even though I've been visiting almost every month since the store first opened, I never get tired of it. And a shop with a high level of satisfaction.
The fish is very expensive and delicious.
There aren't many places where you can get fish of this quality. ?
The couple are both sincere and humble. Two wonderful people.
After the meal, you will feel healed.


Translated from Japanese:
This month's Mr. Yonemasu has, sesame tofu pike, conger sushi, donko shiitake mushroom, aburame and kudzu somen bowl, spiny lobster whelk, shellfish, Takatsugawa ayu and water corn, tomato, duck eggplant dengaku, round okra, Moroccan green bean, onion soup conger pike shabu shabu pike conger. As usual, we gathered ingredients from all over the country and enjoyed them deliciously! ️Thank you again.

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