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Ginza Yamashina

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Japanese: Sukiyaki, Yakiniku

Ginza Yamashina Description

Located in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo, Ginza Yamashina is a renowned restaurant that specializes in premium Japanese barbecue, also known as yakiniku. What sets this restaurant apart is its commitment to providing a truly exceptional dining experience. As soon as you step into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings or special occasions.

One of the unique features of Ginza Yamashina is its fully private dining rooms, where guests can enjoy their meal in complete privacy. Each room is tastefully decorated and designed to create a sense of tranquility, allowing diners to fully immerse themselves in the culinary journey that awaits them.

The menu at Ginza Yamashina is a true celebration of the finest Japanese beef. The restaurant takes pride in serving only the highest quality cuts of beef, carefully selected by their expert chefs. One of their signature dishes is the 'Shatoburian no Katsu Sando,' a mouthwatering sandwich made with tender and flavorful wagyu beef. This dish perfectly showcases the skill and expertise of the chefs at Ginza Yamashina.

To complement the exquisite flavors of the beef, the restaurant offers an extensive selection of drinks, including a variety of rare Japanese whiskies and carefully curated wines. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply looking to enhance your dining experience, the knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect pairing.

In conclusion, Ginza Yamashina is a true gem in the world of Japanese cuisine. From its elegant and intimate setting to its exceptional menu, this restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. Whether you are a meat lover or simply looking to indulge in the finest flavors of Japan, Ginza Yamashina is the perfect destination for an unforgettable meal.

Ginza Yamashina Overview


7/8f Gicros Ginza Gems 6-chōme-4-3 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061


+81 (0) 50-5448-3003


4 minute walk from Yurakucho Station.
2 minute walk from Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
If coming by subway, take the C3 exit and go up the stairs next to Tokyu Plaza. Walk straight for 100m to reach the West Ginza Parking Lot (C exit), where you can take the elevator directly.

Operating Hours

Sun: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Mon: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Tue: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Wed: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Thur: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Fri: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Sat: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Wine List

Craft cocktails

Private Dining Room


Sake Selection

WiFi Available

Stylish Interior

Ginza Yamashina Reviews

Ginza Yamashina Google Average Rating



This is a great place to enjoy best beef. Extremely delicious and how the chief create the mix of Japanese style with BBQ. Very friendly restaurant. Highly recommend!


Easy to find and stop by.


Great food and service !

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