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Japanese: Curry

Hot Spoon Description

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Nishi-Shinjuku in Tokyo, Hot Spoon is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience. Specializing in curry, this restaurant takes this beloved dish to a whole new level. The interior of Hot Spoon is modern and stylish, with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal.

What sets Hot Spoon apart from other curry restaurants is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and creating innovative flavor combinations. Their menu features a wide variety of curry dishes, ranging from traditional Japanese curry to fusion creations that incorporate flavors from around the world. Each dish is carefully crafted to ensure a perfect balance of flavors, with options for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

One of the standout dishes at Hot Spoon is their signature 'Spicy Seafood Curry.' This dish combines succulent seafood, including shrimp, scallops, and squid, with a rich and flavorful curry sauce that has just the right amount of heat. The seafood is perfectly cooked and the curry sauce is packed with aromatic spices, creating a dish that is both satisfying and full of depth.

Whether you're a curry aficionado or just looking to try something new, Hot Spoon is a must-visit restaurant in Tokyo. With its unique take on curry and stylish ambiance, it offers a dining experience that is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

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2f Abbeville 1-chōme-12-7 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023


+81 (0) 3-3345-1688


3 minute walk from Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Mon: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Tue: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Wed: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Thur: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-11:00PM

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Hot Spoon Reviews

Hot Spoon Google Average Rating



No frills, no nonsense chain Japanese curry restaurant. But the curry is good and price is exactly what you would expect. Everything is customizable, from type and amount of rice, sides and different types of vegetables with the curry. Definitely worth trying if just want a quick bite and in the area.


I was looking for a good curry and I found it here.
It was steaming hot and tasty.

You can pick different kinds of rice and different amounts of rice, and you can pick how spicy you want your curry.

I took the spiciest variant with cheese, and it was delicious. The meat was really soft, and it was the perfect amount of curry for my rice.

I can handle spicy food really well. Be careful when you aren't experienced with it, or else the spiciest curry could be too much for you.

This restaurant was packed full at lunch, so it can take a while to get a seat, but it's worth it to wait.

When I'm back in Tokyo and crave a curry, I will definitely come back here.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting this charming local Japanese curry shop, and it was an absolute delight for my taste buds and senses. From the moment I stepped in, the cozy and inviting ambiance transported me to Japan, making it feel like a true culinary getaway.

The star of the show, undoubtedly, was their authentic Japanese curry. The flavors were rich, comforting, and distinctly Japanese. The curry was velvety smooth, with the perfect balance of spices that tantalized my palate. Whether you prefer a mild or spicy kick, the shop offered a range of customizable options to cater to everyone's taste.

The variety of toppings available added an exciting twist to the experience. From tender slices of succulent pork katsu to crispy fried chicken, each topping brought its own unique character to the curry, making it an adventure to try different combinations.

The attention to detail and commitment to authenticity was evident in every aspect of the meal. The side dishes, such as pickled vegetables and miso soup, complemented the curry perfectly, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Moreover, the service at the curry shop was exceptional. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to offer suggestions to enhance my culinary journey. Their passion for Japanese cuisine shone through, creating a warm and welcoming environment that made me feel like a valued guest.

Overall, this local authentic Japanese curry shop is a hidden gem that should not be missed. Whether you're a curry enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and delicious dining experience, this place is sure to exceed your expectations. I left with a satisfied heart and a happy stomach, eager to return and explore more of their delectable offerings. Highly recommended for anyone in search of an authentic taste of Japan's culinary delights.

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