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Japanese: Udon

Kamishichiken Futaba

Kamishichiken Futaba Description

Kamishichiken Futaba is a hidden gem located in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan. This charming restaurant specializes in delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine, particularly noodles and rice bowls. Situated near the famous Kinkaku-ji Temple and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Kamishichiken Futaba offers a unique dining experience that sets it apart from other establishments in the area.

Step inside Kamishichiken Futaba and you'll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior is tastefully decorated with traditional Japanese elements, creating a cozy and intimate setting for diners. The friendly and attentive staff are always ready to assist you in choosing from their extensive menu.

One of the highlights of Kamishichiken Futaba is their mouthwatering selection of noodles and rice bowls. From rich and flavorful ramen to hearty and satisfying donburi, there is something to please every palate. Be sure to try their signature dish, the Kamishichiken Ramen, which features tender slices of pork, perfectly cooked noodles, and a savory broth that will leave you craving for more.

Whether you're a local or a tourist visiting Kyoto, Kamishichiken Futaba is a must-visit destination for food lovers. With its delectable cuisine, charming ambiance, and attentive service, this restaurant promises a memorable dining experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Kamishichiken Futaba Overview


719 Shichihonmatsu Nishimarimachi, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto 602-8381


+81 (0) 75-461-4573


5 minute walk from Kitanotenmangu Shrine Bus Stop.

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Mon: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Tue: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Wed: Closed
Thur: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-6:00PM

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Kamishichiken Futaba Reviews

Kamishichiken Futaba Google Average Rating



You can’t feel more authentic than this restaurant - I guess many local people come here to eat. We were waiting for Zuiki festival in the shrine to start in the afternoon, and unfortunately there were not many shops open at that time because of the COVID etc.
We were happy that we had found this restaurant - cosy and quiet. And their noodle is superb - reasonable for the quality as well!


Nice, quiet noodle restaurant. We went for dinner and were the only customers as they close very early. There are regular tables as well as tables where you sit on the floor. Our kids (2 and 4 years old liked sitting on the floor. They had the children's rice and chicken dish which was easy for them to eat. This restaurant is walking distance to the Kitano Tenmangū temple.


Incredible beef curry udon for the biggest appetite.

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