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Kikuyoshokudo Asaichi Shiten

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Japanese: Kaisendonburi (Rice Topped with Sashimi)

Kikuyoshokudo Asaichi Shiten Description

Located in Hakodate, Kikuyoshokudo Asaichi Shiten is a hidden gem for seafood lovers. This charming eatery offers a delightful array of fresh seafood dishes, with a specialty in seafood bowls that showcase the best flavors of Hakodate and Hokkaido. The restaurant's cozy and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to savor the bounty of the sea.

One of the standout dishes at Kikuyoshokudo Asaichi Shiten is their signature seafood bowl, brimming with a colorful assortment of sashimi-grade fish, succulent crab meat, and sweet shrimp, all atop a bed of perfectly seasoned rice. Each bite is a burst of ocean-fresh goodness that will transport your taste buds to the shores of Hokkaido. The menu also features a variety of traditional Japanese seafood dishes, expertly prepared to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients. With a budget-friendly price range, this restaurant offers a fantastic opportunity to experience authentic Hokkaido seafood without breaking the bank. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast or simply looking to explore the flavors of Hakodate, Kikuyoshokudo Asaichi Shiten is a must-visit dining destination that promises a memorable culinary experience.

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10-11 Wakamatsuchō, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0063


+81 (0) 138-23-2334


2 minute walk from Hakodate Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 6:00AM-1:00PM
Mon: 6:00AM-1:00PM
Tue: 6:00AM-1:00PM
Wed: 6:00AM-1:00PM
Thur: 6:00AM-1:00PM
Fri: 6:00AM-1:00PM
Sat: 6:00AM-1:00PM

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Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

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Kikuyoshokudo Asaichi Shiten Reviews

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This is the BEST KAISEN (seafood) place in Hakodate. I always come here when I'm back in Japan. They gave the most reasonable KAISEN donburi that's super fresh and DELICIOUS.


3 varieties don taste good but the grilled fish very salty for me.


There were many small shops in the morning market. Sellers stood outside to ask customers inside. We ate a crab meal, a tailored seafood meal and a soup. They were all delicious; the sea urchin tasted fresh and pleasant, no strange taste at all.