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Located in a tranquil corner along the Sumida River, Shunka Nakamura is a hidden gem that specializes in seasonal Cantonese cuisine. The chef, who has honed his skills at renowned restaurants and in Hong Kong, offers an authentic and delicate dining experience. The restaurant's decor exudes a sense of sophistication, creating an atmosphere perfect for a refined meal.

One of the standout features of Shunka Nakamura is its commitment to using high-quality ingredients. The menu showcases a variety of dishes that highlight the flavors of Cantonese cuisine, such as succulent roasted pork, steamed chicken prepared with traditional recipes, and luxurious soups made with delicacies like shark fin and abalone. The chef's expertise in combining these ingredients results in dishes that are both flavorful and visually stunning.

Shunka Nakamura offers a lunch menu that is both affordable and satisfying, while dinner is exclusively reserved for their meticulously crafted courses. The dinner courses, available by reservation only, feature over 10 dishes that showcase the chef's mastery of Cantonese cuisine. From the use of locally grown vegetables and premium meats to the incorporation of rare ingredients, every dish is a testament to the chef's dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience.

For those seeking an unforgettable culinary journey, Shunka Nakamura is a must-visit destination. With its exquisite Cantonese cuisine, elegant ambiance, and attention to detail, this restaurant sets itself apart from others in the area. Whether you're a connoisseur of Cantonese cuisine or simply looking for a unique dining experience, Shunka Nakamura is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Shunka Nakamura Overview


2-chōme-11-7 Higashinihonbashi, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0004


+81 (0) 3-5846-9830


3 minute walk from Higashi-Nihonbashi Station (Toei Asakusa Line), B1 and B3 exits.
6 minute walk from Bakuro-Yokoyama Station (Toei Shinjuku Line), A3 exit.
8 minute walk from Asakusabashi Station (JR Sobu Line and Toei Asakusa Line), East exit.
2 minute walk from Higashi-Nihonbashi Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Tue: 11:30AM-1:00PM, 6:00PM-10:00PM
Wed: 6:00PM-10:00PM
Thur: 11:30AM-1:00PM, 6:00PM-10:00PM
Fri: 11:30AM-1:00PM, 6:00PM-10:00PM
Sat: 6:00PM-10:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

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WiFi Available

Stylish Interior

Shunka Nakamura Reviews

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[A store that will definitely become more popular]

Tabelog 100 Famous Stores.
When asked about Chef Toshinori Nakamura's background, he says that he has worked at the Japanese restaurant "Higuchi", the Mandarin Hotel (which means "Cantonese cuisine Sense"), and the now-defunct high-class Chinese restaurant "Chuuka Takase", so I'm sure he looks delicious. let
And the fun part is that he has experience at Totsukasakiyoken Kamiya, a Kiyoken restaurant located on the roadside of Totsuka. yeah? Maybe I'm using words differently... He has a background that seems to include a wide range of cuisines.

First, let's start with "Shrimp Pickled in Shaoxing Wine"...Wow, it feels like the authentic Chinese food starts in the afternoon. Not only the shrimp itself, but also the miso on the head is delicious.

``Hamo and miso spring rolls''...To be more specific, it contains miso made with conger conger, Kujo green onions, yellow chives, and burdock. Miso has a sweet and rich taste. It's delicious, but I feel like the flavor is too strong.

``Stir-fried clams, surf clams, and yellow barley''...Only clams and surf clams are used for the soup stock, and the ingredients are new lotus root, white bitter gourd, and shishito. Homemade sakura shrimp sauce is served on the side, and the flavor is amazing when mixed together. It's delicious.

"Rock oysters, Hong Kong style salted lemon"
...Gently blanched rock oysters served with homemade Hong Kong-style lemon and green onions. The rock oyster itself has a rich flavor, but the lemon onions are effective. This is recommended.

``Steamed chicken (chanchere kai)''...This is a dish that the chef learned from his grandmother in Hong Kong. And there are dishes that have not been introduced to the world and can probably only be eaten at this restaurant. A cooking method in which chicken is submerged in thick potato chestnuts and then steamed. It is similar to low-temperature cooking and has the advantage of being slowly steamed.
The taste of green onion and ginger eaten with chicken is irresistible.

"Buddha Jumping"...Shark fin, Kinka ham, dried scallops, licorice, maca, pearl barley, watermelon, crow bone chicken, Kinugasa mushroom, Agaricus mushroom, moonbeauty flower,
dried dragon fruit flowers
...The soup has a very rich flavor, probably because it has been simmered for a long time. It feels like the soup is full of nutrients and the nutrients are absorbed into the body. The taste is so strong that it's too strong if you don't refresh your palate with water.

``Egg Ankake''...Okra and vegetables are at the bottom, and egg ankake is served with them. This is a dish with a gentle taste, and the intensity of the flavor contrasts with the soup.

``Shayaki''...The flavor is rich and delicious. It is a luxurious dish that is satisfying to eat.

There are two types of finishing dishes,
Choose from either ``Hong Kong home-style fried rice'' or ``chilled dan dan noodles.''
Even though I was told that, I still wanted to eat both, so I asked for a little bit of both.

``Shayaki''...The plump, rich and sweetly grilled meat is very juicy and soft. Delicious and filling.

First of all, "Fried rice the way Hong Kong people eat it at home"...This is char siu fried rice, fish sea bass, and olive sauce (olives and mustard greens pickled in salt and then steamed in oil). When you mix it up and eat it, it has a deep flavor and is really delicious.

“Soy milk dandan noodles”… Delicious cold soy milk dandan noodles with white sesame flavor. It also contains chili oil, which gives it a spicy yet gentle flavor that is delicious. An impressive item.

The dessert is ``black sesame shiratama dumplings in coconut milk''...not too sweet and delicious. A relaxing taste.

All dishes were very delicious. One thing I did notice was that many of the dishes had a relatively strong and strong seasoning. It's better to mix in some light-flavored dishes within the flow of food, so that we can have a little rest when we eat.

However, the atmosphere created by Chef Nakamura and the service lady, as well as their personalities, make the restaurant as a whole feel comfortable. Decided to visit again. I think it's a very good store.


It was a restaurant I had been interested in for a while, but I couldn't find the right time for lunch, but I was finally able to go there.

This is not authentic Chinese cuisine, but Chinese cuisine that incorporates elements of Japanese cuisine.

Overall, the seasoning is gentle and very delicious.
In particular, the shrimp pickled in Shaoxing wine was so sweet that even I, who don't like shrimp, enjoyed it😋

The host was very kind and attentive, and we had a great time.

Please come visit us for dinner next time.


A hidden Cantonese restaurant located in a quiet residential area along the Sumida River.

You can see the illuminated Sky Tree from the front of the shop✨

A hideaway atmosphere from the entrance of the store!
Inside the store with a calm atmosphere
With JAZZ background music, it's a true hideaway for adults.

You can enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine created by a chef who has studied domestic cooking at star-rated restaurants and home cooking in Hong Kong.

I received the chef's choice course.
Chinese kappo style with 11 to 13 dishes from appetizers to desserts.

We use ingredients sent directly from farmers, including fresh vegetables grown by contracted farmers in Okayama Prefecture.

The first dish is
✴︎Fried pitan, Japanese pepper salt and Karasumi powder
It doesn't have the unique smell of pepper, so even people who don't like pepper can enjoy this deliciousness!

✴︎Shrimp pickled in Shaoxing wine

✴︎Scorpionfish with sesame, Shungiku and Urui
Blancmange with sauce

✴︎Boiled conger eel and Kujo green onion spring rolls with burdock miso

✴︎Clams and Yariyaya Stir-fried clams with dashi soup and yellow chives
Deep-fried Kwai, Homemade Sakura Shrimp Jeans

The store's most famous item
✴︎ Changchengkai
Original green onion ginger sauce
The meat is tender and exquisite!
Steamed chicken in Japan
Written in kanji: "soaked and steamed chicken"
Chicken thighs cooked at low temperature in soup with potato starch
It is said that this dish was taught to him by a 90-year-old grandmother who lived nearby when the chef was training in Hong Kong about 20 years ago.
Hong Kong grandma's original recipe learned directly by the chef
Authentic Changchengkai.
This is a special dish that can only be eaten here.

✴︎Mackerel and radish stew in seawater, black bean yuba
Originally only seawater and water, this dish is made with fish simmered in plain water.

✴︎Medicinal soup
A soup that is good for the body and beauty, containing shark fin, chicken roe, Kinka ham, Gekkabijin, pigeon peas, dried scallops, etc.

✴︎Chinese pork pork roasted with cashew nuts and candy
Slowly grilled char siu is soft and delicious

✴︎Beef cheek stew in Shaoxing wine
Below is turnip stewed with scallops.

✴︎Homemade roasted rice
Okayama vegetables, Daisen nameko, Fujian seaweed,
Rice with lots of vegetables and Satowara eggplant

✴︎Cold Hong Kong style oshiruko
black sesame dumplings

✴︎Tieguanyin based tea

All the dishes from appetizers to desserts were delicious and worth more than the price.
This is a store that I would like to visit again.

It has become my favorite Chinese restaurant again 😊

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