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Tokyo Toranomon Hills Station Tower Curry Adventure: A Flavorful Find at Toranomon Hills

🍛 Just had the yummiest Japanese Style Chicken Curry at a newly opened Toranomon Hills Station Tower! 🏙️ It's on the 4th floor - easy to find and worth the visit! I picked the chicken curry - it had tender chicken and a tasty curry sauce. Japanese curry in general is less spicy than Indian curry, which I appreciate. It was a perfect choice for a chilly day in Tokyo, warming me up and tasting delicious! The curry was fragrant and flavorful, with tender chicken and colorful veggies on the side. Spiciness level was perfect if you're not into heat! And can we talk about the freshly cooked rice? 🍚 So good!
👩‍💼 I'm always on the lookout for tasty eats, and this curry hit the spot! Whether you're a tourist or a local, it's a a great, healthy, and quick option for lunch. Plus, it's a great value for your money! Only around 1000 yen. 💰
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