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Japanese: Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki Tatsu

Okonomiyaki Tatsu Overview


7-33 Higashikaniyacho, Higashi Ward, Hiroshima 732-0055


+81 (0) 82-258-1982


7 minutes walk from JR West Hiroshima Station
6 minutes walk from Hiroshima Electric Railway Sarukobashicho tram stop
4 minutes walk from Sarukobashicho Station

Operating Hours

Tue-Sun: 11:00AM-2:00PM, 5:30-10:00PM
Mon: Closed

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Okonomiyaki Tatsu Description

Okonomiyaki Tatsu is hidden a okonomiyaki specialty restaurant located in the back alley of Hiroshima station. Managed by a warm and welcoming couple, this restaurant exudes a downtown vibe that's both inviting and budget-friendly. Since its establishment in 2010, the restaurant has been serving carefully crafted okonomiyaki dishes, characterized by a unique taste that sets it apart from larger, more commercial establishments.
What truly sets this restaurant apart is its commitment to quality. The okonomiyaki here is top-notch, made with a meticulous grilling method that ensures a crispy texture and a perfect balance of flavors. Instead of relying on artificial seasonings, they elevate their dishes with natural umami ingredients like fish meal and kelp stock. The warm and friendly service from the husband and wife team adds a special touch to the dining experience.
Okonomiyaki Tatsu epitomizes Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki at its finest. Whether you go for the meaty or veggie versions, possibly with udon, you're in for a treat. The experience gets even better if you book in advance, as they'll start whipping up your meal just as you walk in – an impeccable touch that reflects their dedication to your satisfaction. So, if you're in Hiroshima and in no hurry, indulge in this savory, heartfelt delight.

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Reservations Accepted

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Okonomiyaki Tatsu Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
Whenever I go to Hiroshima, I always go to Yasho, but this time I went to this restaurant. I had time to catch a flight, so I made a reservation in advance and went in as soon as it opened. I ordered two pieces of udon with squid tempura cheese topping and one with soba, cheese, and mochi topping, and the dough was so fluffy and delicious! ️I'm impressed by the soba and chewy noodles! All the snacks were delicious.


Translated from Japanese:
A cozy okonomiyaki restaurant run by a friendly general and his wife. It takes time to bake carefully, so we do not recommend it for those who are in a hurry. The taste is first-class, and you can eat delicious okonomiyaki that you can definitely repeat. The reservation site is not available, so please call the store directly for reservations.


Translated from Japanese:
Since it's Fuchu-yaki, each piece is baked very carefully, and the surface is crispy, but the cabbage inside is chewy and delicious! ️ There are only 7 seats, and it takes a long time to bake, so we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time. It was a feast.


Translated from Japanese:
I've been to a lot of different restaurants, but I think this one is really delicious. The main features are the careful preparation and the crispy texture of the noodles. The inside of the store is small and I can't really go in at once, which is a problem, but it's one of the stores I'd like to recommend.


Translated from Japanese:
It is managed by two people. The owner was very powerful and talked to me a lot when I sat in front of the iron plate. When I told them that the portion was large and would be shared between two people, they cut it for me. Meatball udon and spicy yakisoba. (850 yen)
There is also a coffee service after the meal, and I felt that the price was very reasonable.

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