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1.5 million+

Restaurants in Japan

4.7 million+

Tourists visiting Japan in the first 3 months of 2023


Sushi restaurants in all of Japan


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Why Partner with zenDine

Join zenDine to let more people find your restaurant and understand your menu, making eating out easy and fun for everyone.

Why Partner with zenDine


Standing Out

With modern, world-class websites in both Japanese and English, your restaurant shines brighter than the rest. It's an easy way to attract more customers.


More Customers

Offering full menus online in both Japanese and English invites everyone - locals, tourists, and foreigners living in Japan. It's a sure way to attract more customers and expand your business.


Happier Customers

When people can see your complete menus online, in Japanese or English, they can anticipate what they're getting. This makes them happy, increases satisfaction and they're more likely to come back or tell others about your restaurant.


Easy Menu Updates

With zenDine, your menu goes digital. This means simple updates, whether it's introducing a new dish or adjusting prices.


Get Found Easier Online

Being on zenDine helps your restaurant get noticed more when people search online. So when people are looking for somewhere to eat or a certain kind of food in Japan, they find your restaurant quickly.


Seen Around the World

By having your website with zenDine customers from countries around the world can find your restaurant. This could make your place even more well-liked.

Join zenDine to help more people find your restaurant and understand your menu, making dining a simple and enjoyable experience for everyone.

zenDine Partnership Benefits

Get Premium Search Ranking and a Modern World-Class Website with zenDine:

A dedicated website featuring your restaurant in both Japanese and English.
Easy-to-read menus in Japanese and English for all your customers.
A QR code code to access the online menu.
Fast and Secure Web hosting
Web maintenance
SEO optimization for Google search
SEO for Google Maps

Boost Your Exposure with zenDine’s Promotional Channels:

Featured mention in zenDine's official press releases.
Featured in zenDine blogs.
Shoutouts on zenDine’s active social media channels.
Enjoy the advantages of zenDine platform’s worldwide coverage throughout Japan, USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore.

How to get started with zenDine

Follow these 3 simple steps to bring your restaurant into the zenDine community and start enjoying the benefits.

1. Register Your Restaurant with zenDine

Enter the required information about your restaurant.

2. Complete Onboarding Process

Specify a payment method for your monthly subscription, and provide any additional information needed to build your web page.

3. Confirm Your zenDine Profile

We will notify you when your websites and menus are set up on zenDine. At that point, you can review and confirm the details, ensuring everything is presented perfectly to attract and inform potential customers.

Start Registration

Check if Your Restaurant is Already Listed on zenDine

zenDine customers can recommend restaurants to be listed. Check if your restaurant is listed and claim ownership using the search bar.

Frequently Asked Questions About zenDine

We offer the service of creating full Japanese and English websites for you including complete Japanese and English menus for a low monthly rate of ¥19,950.

zenDine offers the convenience of two complimentary updates per month for your website.

The duration of a zenDine partnership starts with one year. After this period, your partnership will automatically renew, requiring no additional action on your part.

On request to discontinue with zenDine, your restaurant's profile and related information will be promptly deleted from our platform. This ensures that your restaurant and online presence will no longer be linked with our service.

We ask that you provide payment by credit card. We accept major credit cards, currently accepting Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Once you choose to join and be the next new zenDine partner, the actual time it takes for your restaurant’s websites and menus to be built, to be online and to be showcased on the platform may vary. Our dedicated teams strive to review and process all requests promptly. Generally, new zenDine partnership verification and review along with building new websites and menus for you takes only about three days. Upon completion, your business’s new online world and premium search ranking will begin.

Yes, we can help with your Japanese website too. Our expert team designs and builds websites in many languages, including Japanese. We'll work together with you to create an exceptional world class Japanese website for you and your customers. Just tell us what you need. We're here to help.

zenDine is a company based in Japan. Our zenDine staff speak Japanese as well as many other languages. We are committed to providing you the best support possible, to make sure your experience with zenDine meets all of your needs, and to always exceed your expectations.

Should you have any inquiries following your registration, or at any time in the future, zenDine is here to help. Exceeding expectations in your satisfaction is our number one goal and our commitment to your business. To ensure clarity and confirmation all around in all of our work, we ask that you please communicate with us in writing by emailing us at info@zendine.co.