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Where to Eat the Best Ramen in Yokohama?

19/11/2023 3:00 PM

Discover the best ramen in Yokohama with our guide. From Ramen Takano's unique tsukemen to Ramen Moriya's innovative dishes, explore top spots for an unforgettable noodle experience in Yokohama's renowned culinary landscape.
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Yokohama, a bustling port city in Japan, is not only renowned for its beautiful landmarks but also for its extraordinary culinary scene, especially when it comes to ramen. This guide highlights the top ramen restaurants in Yokohama, each offering a unique and delightful experience to noodle aficionados.

Ramen Takano

Located at the heart of Yokohama, Ramen Takano ranks as the premier destination for ramen lovers. Their specialty, tsukemen noodles, are celebrated for their impeccable texture and flavor. Notably, their chicken char siu, available in two styles - smoked grilled and simmered - is celebrated for its tenderness and juiciness. The ginger wonton adds a satisfying touch, and the soft-boiled egg enhances the dish beautifully. The inviting atmosphere, bright decor, and energetic staff make Ramen Takano a must-visit for an exceptional dining experience.

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Ramen Sugimoto

Ramen Sugimoto, another gem in Yokohama, is renowned for its high-quality noodles and unique fish-based broth. Their soy sauce special ramen, featuring a refreshing and flavorful broth paired with chewy, water-rich noodles, stands out. The restaurant offers two types of char siu, shoulder roast and pork belly, both exuding perfection in flavor and texture. With crunchy wontons, boiled eggs, and bamboo shoots, each bite is a delight. Their well-balanced soup base and firm noodles make Ramen Sugimoto a top choice for ramen enthusiasts.

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Sakurai Ramen

At Sakurai Ramen, every dish is a testament to culinary artistry, earning it the third rank in Yokohama. The restaurant is famous for its springy noodles and special soy sauce soba with deep seafood undertones. Their Chachu, known for its juiciness, perfectly complements the hand-crafted noodles. The dual broth of chicken bones and bonito flakes, paired with luxurious Suzaku eggs and fatty char siu, offers a rich umami experience. The welcoming ambiance and attentive staff add to the charm of Sakurai Ramen.

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Ramen Moriya

Ramen Moriya in Yokohama is a haven for those who cherish the nuances of Japanese ramen. Their summer tomato and herb tsukemen is a French-inspired innovation, with a dashi-based dipping sauce and crunchy rice bran pickles. The classic soy sauce ramen, with its light broth and thin noodles, pays homage to traditional ramen. The side menu, especially the char siu rice bowl, is not to be missed. Ramen Moriya’s warm, homey interior provides the perfect backdrop for a delightful ramen experience.

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Whether you are a ramen purist or an adventurous eater, Yokohama offers a diverse range of ramen experiences. From the tsukemen noodles of Ramen Takano to the French-inspired tsukemen of Ramen Moriya, each establishment brings its unique flair to this beloved dish. A visit to any of these top ramen restaurants in Yokohama promises not just a meal but an unforgettable culinary journey.


What makes Ramen Takano's tsukemen noodles unique?

A: Ramen Takano's tsukemen noodles stand out for their exceptional cooking technique, resulting in a perfect texture that leaves a lasting impression. The combination of these impeccably cooked noodles with their unique broth and toppings, like the tender, dual-style chicken char siu and the perfectly soft-boiled egg, creates a memorable and distinct tsukemen experience.

How does Ramen Sugimoto's fish-based broth differ from traditional broths? 

A: Ramen Sugimoto's fish-based broth is distinct in its ability to provide a rich flavor without overwhelming the palate with fishiness, a common challenge with fish broths. This balance makes it appealing even to those who usually shy away from fish flavors, offering a harmonious blend of depth and subtlety that complements the noodles and toppings beautifully.

What are the special ingredients in Sakurai Ramen's soy sauce soba? 

A: Sakurai Ramen's soy sauce soba is highlighted by its special blend of ingredients, including deep seafood undertones that balance perfectly with the refined soy sauce. The dish is further enhanced by their hand-crafted, springy noodles, luxurious Suzaku eggs, and flavorful fatty char siu, all contributing to a rich and unique umami experience.

Can you describe the summer tomato and herb tsukemen at Ramen Moriya? 

A: The summer tomato and herb tsukemen at Ramen Moriya is a unique, French-inspired dish. It features a distinctive, flavorful dipping sauce made from dashi stock, possibly infused with pumpkin, and complemented by crunchy rice bran pickles. This innovative tsukemen variant merges the essence of ramen with a fresh, summer-themed twist, making it a standout choice.

Are there vegetarian options available at these ramen restaurants in Yokohama? 

A: While traditionally ramen dishes are meat-based, some of these restaurants in Yokohama may offer vegetarian options or are willing to accommodate vegetarian requests. However, it's recommended to check with each restaurant directly as vegetarian offerings can vary, and traditional ramen establishments may have limited vegetarian choices.