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90 Most Popular Japanese Soups and Broths to try in 2024

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In 2024, the culinary landscape of Japan continues to captivate global palates, with its soups and broths taking center stage. These traditional liquids, steeped in history and culture, offer a symphony of flavors, making them an integral part of the Japanese dining experience. From the delicate umami notes of miso to the hearty warmth of tonkotsu, Japanese soups and broths are a testament to the country's rich gastronomic heritage.

This comprehensive guide dives deep into the 90 most sought-after Japanese soups and broths you must savor this year. Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or new to Japanese cuisine, prepare to embark on a flavorful journey that showcases the depth and diversity of Japan's soup culture.

Japanese Soups and Broths


Asari Miso Shiru (浅利味噌汁)

  • Miso soup with asari clams

Awase Dashi (合わせ出汁)

  • Mixed dashi stock made with kombu and bonito

Azuki Shirogayu (小豆白粥)

  • Rice porridge with azuki beans


Bafun Dashi (馬糞出汁)

  • Dashi made from dried horse manure

Buri Dashi (鰤出汁)

  • Dashi made from yellowtail fish

Butajiru (豚汁)

  • Miso soup with pork and vegetables


Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し)

  • Savory egg custard soup

Chikuzenni (筑前煮)

  • Braised chicken and vegetables in dashi

Clam Miso Soup (蜆味噌汁)

  • Miso soup with clams

Crab Bisque (蟹ビスク)

  • Creamy crab soup


Dangojiru (だんご汁)

  • Soup with rice dumplings

Dobinmushi (土瓶蒸し)

  • Seafood cooked in a clay teapot


Ebi Dashi (海老出汁)

  • Shrimp stock

Egg Drop Soup (卵落としスープ)

  • Broth with stirred egg


Gomadare Shirogayu (胡麻ダレ白粥)

  • Rice porridge with sesame sauce

Gyokuro (玉露)

  • High grade green tea often used for broth


Hijiki Dashi (ひじき出汁)

  • Dashi made with hijiki seaweed

Hototogisu (ほととぎす)

  • Clear chicken broth soup


Iwashi Dashi (鰯出汁)

  • Sardine fish stock

Iwanori Dashi (岩のり出汁)

  • Dashi made with iwanori seaweed


Kamo Dashi (鴨出汁)

  • Duck bone broth

Katsuo Dashi (鰹出汁)

  • Bonito fish stock

Kenchinjiru (けんちん汁)

  • Clear soup with vegetables

Kinoko Dashi (きのこ出汁)

  • Mushroom stock

Kombu Dashi (昆布出汁)

  • Kelp stock


Mentsuyu (麺つゆ)

  • Noodle dipping sauce

Miso Ramen (味噌ラーメン)

  • Ramen in miso broth

Misoshiru (味噌汁)

  • Soybean paste soup

Mizutaki (水炊き)

  • Chicken hot pot soup

Mizutaki Dashi (水炊き出汁)

  • Mizutaki chicken broth

Mushroom Miso Soup (茸味噌汁)

  • Miso soup with mushrooms


Nabemono (鍋物)

  • Variety of Japanese hot pot dishes

Nameko Dashi (なめこ出汁)

  • Nameko mushroom broth

Noppeijiru (野菜汁)

  • Vegetable soup


Oden (おでん)

  • Fish cake & vegetable hot pot soup

Okera (おケラ)

  • Soup thickened with kudzu starch

Oyster Miso Soup (牡蠣味噌汁)

  • Miso soup with oysters


Ramen (ラーメン)

  • Wheat noodles in flavored broth


Saba Dashi (鯖出汁)

  • Mackerel broth

Sakana Dashi (魚出汁)

  • Fish stock

Sansai Dashi (山菜出汁)

  • Wild vegetable broth

Seaweed Miso Soup (海藻味噌汁)

  • Miso soup with seaweed

Shiitake Dashi (椎茸出汁)

  • Shiitake mushroom broth

Shinsen Yose Nabe (新鮮寄せ鍋)

  • Seafood hot pot

Shirumono (汁物)

  • Clear broth soups

Shōjin Dashi (精進出汁)

  • Vegetable broth for Buddhist monks

Shrimp Miso Soup (海老味噌汁)

  • Miso soup with shrimp

Sui Mono (吸い物)

  • Clear savory broth

Suimono (吸物)

  • Clear broth soup

Sumashi Jiru (すまし汁)

  • Clear broth with onions

Suwari Nabe (座り鍋)

  • Individual hot pots


Takenoko Dashi (竹の子出汁)

  • Bamboo shoot broth

Tofu Miso Soup (豆腐味噌汁)

  • Tofu and miso soup

Tori Paitan (鶏白湯)

  • Creamy chicken broth

Tōfu Shiru (豆腐汁)

  • Tofu miso soup

Tonjiru (豚汁)

  • Hearty miso pork soup

Toriniku Dashi (鶏肉出汁)

  • Chicken broth

Tsukimi Udon (月見うどん)

  • Udon noodle soup with egg


Udon (うどん)

  • Thick wheat flour noodles

Ume Dashi (梅出汁)

  • Japanese plum broth

Umi Dashi (海出汁)

  • Broth made from ocean fish


Wakame Dashi (わかめ出汁)

  • Seaweed broth

Wakame Miso Soup (わかめ味噌汁)

  • Seaweed and miso soup


Yasai Dashi (野菜出汁)

  • Vegetable stock

Yose Nabe (寄せ鍋)

  • Seafood hot pot

Yuzu Dashi (柚子出汁)

  • Japanese citrus broth

Yuzu Ponzu (柚子ポン酢)

  • Yuzu citrus seasoned sauce for dipping


Zōni (雑炊)

  • Rice cake soup

Zosui (雑炊)

  • Rice soup with meat and vegetables

Getting the Most out of Japanese Soups and Broths

First and foremost, understanding the foundation of many Japanese dishes lies in the dashi broth, often made with dashi and kombu. This flavorful broth is the base for classics like miso ramen, udon soup, and the delicate Japanese clear soup. When dining at a Japanese restaurant or trying a Japanese soup recipe at home, always inquire or ensure the freshness of the dashi.

Japanese cuisine is vast, and soups are no exception. From the hearty tonkotsu ramen with its rich pork broth to the light and refreshing Japanese clear onion soup, there's a spectrum to explore. If you're making it at home, follow the recipe closely the first time, then feel free to tweak according to your palate. For those who love a meaty flavor, beef udon with its savory beef broth is a must-try. Vegetable enthusiasts can savor the Japanese vegetable soup, often enriched with sliced mushrooms, scallion, and sometimes a hint of crispy pork belly. And if you're looking for something traditional yet easy to make at home, the classic miso soup with miso paste and tofu is a staple.

When dining out, don't hesitate to ask the chef about the soup base, whether it's a bone broth, chicken broth, or a modern Japanese take on a classic. And if you're venturing into making a big batch at home, remember that many Japanese soups, like the tonkotsu ramen broth, can be reheated, retaining their rich flavors.

Lastly, embrace the diversity of Japanese cuisine by trying various noodle soups, from a bowl of soba noodle soup to the ever-popular ramen noodles.

Savoring these soups the Japanese way not only tantalizes the taste buds but also offers a deep dive into the heart of Japanese food culture.