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185 Japanese Rice Dishes to Try in 2024

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Rice, the cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, has been celebrated in myriad forms across the Land of the Rising Sun.

As 2024 unfolds, the culinary world is abuzz with traditional and contemporary Japanese rice dishes that are both flavorful and deeply rooted in cultural heritage. In this curated guide, we've handpicked 185 iconic rice dishes, each accompanied by a succinct description, offering a quick yet insightful glimpse into their unique essence.

Perfect for food enthusiasts and travelers alike, this guide serves as your definitive checklist for the year. Whether you're keen on exploring the rich history of Japanese gastronomy or simply looking for the next delectable dish to savor, our list promises a flavorful journey.

Dive deep into the world of Japanese rice dishes and discover why they remain an unparalleled favorite in global cuisine. Don't miss out on the top rice dishes of 2024 – start exploring now!

Japanese Rice Dishes


Abura Gohan (油ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with oil, often used as a base for other toppings.

Age Gohan (揚げご飯)

  • Deep-fried rice balls, often seasoned and served as a snack.

Age Meshi (揚げ飯)

  • Another term for deep-fried rice, sometimes referring to rice included in tempura dishes.

Aji Gohan (鯵ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with horse mackerel, a popular fish in Japanese cuisine.

Aka Gohan (赤ご飯)

  • Red rice, often colored with red beans or other ingredients.

Aka Miso Gohan (赤味噌ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with red miso paste, giving it a rich umami flavor.

Aka Meshi (赤飯)

  • Another term for Sekihan, sticky rice cooked with azuki beans.

Amazake (甘酒)

  • A sweet, non-alcoholic rice drink made from fermented rice.

Anago Meshi (穴子飯)

  • Rice topped with grilled sea eel, often seasoned with a sweet soy-based sauce.

Ankake Gohan (あんかけご飯)

  • Rice served with a thick starchy sauce, often containing vegetables or seafood.

Asari Gohan (あさりご飯)

  • Rice cooked with clams, often seasoned with sake and soy sauce.

Ayameshi (鮎飯)

  • Rice cooked with sweetfish, a freshwater fish popular in summer.

Ayu Gohan (鮎ご飯)

  • Another term for Ayameshi, rice cooked with sweetfish.

Azuki Gohan (小豆ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with azuki beans, giving it a slightly sweet flavor.


Battera (バッテラ)

  • A type of pressed sushi with mackerel on top, originating from Osaka.

Budo Gohan (ぶどうご飯)

  • Rice cooked with grapes, a unique combination often enjoyed in certain regions.

Buri Gohan (ぶりご飯)

  • Rice cooked with yellowtail fish, a winter delicacy.

Buta Bara Don (豚バラ丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with slices of pork belly, often seasoned with a savory sauce.

Buta Gohan (豚ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with pork, often seasoned with ginger and soy sauce.


Chikuwa Gohan (ちくわご飯)

  • Rice cooked with chikuwa, a type of fish cake.

Chikuzenni Gohan (筑前煮ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with ingredients commonly used in Chikuzenni, a dish of braised chicken and vegetables.

Chirashi (ちらし寿司)

  • Bowl of sushi rice topped with various sashimi and other ingredients.

Chirimen Jako Gohan (ちりめんじゃこご飯)

  • Rice cooked with tiny dried sardines, often seasoned with soy sauce.


Dango Gohan (団子ご飯)

  • Rice balls (dango) skewered and grilled, often served with a sweet soy glaze.

Dango-jiru Gohan (団子汁ご飯)

  • Rice served with a soup containing dango (rice dumplings) and various vegetables.

Datemaki Gohan (伊達巻ご飯)

  • Rice served with Datemaki, a sweet rolled omelette mixed with fish paste.

Dobin Mushi Gohan (土瓶蒸しご飯)

  • Rice served with Dobin Mushi, a clear soup with seafood and mushrooms, traditionally served in a teapot.

Donburi (丼)

  • A general term for rice bowl dishes topped with various ingredients.

Dote-nabe Gohan (土手鍋ご飯)

  • Rice served with Dote-nabe, a hot pot dish with miso, vegetables, and meat.


Ebi Gohan (えびご飯)

  • Rice cooked with shrimp, often seasoned with sake and soy sauce.

Ebi Pilaf (エビピラフ)

  • A Japanese take on shrimp pilaf, where rice is sautéed with shrimp and seasoned.


Fukagawa Gohan (深川ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with clams and miso, a specialty of the Fukagawa area in Tokyo.

Fukagawa Meshi (深川飯)

  • Another term for Fukagawa Gohan, rice cooked with clams and miso.

Furikake Gohan (ふりかけご飯)

  • Rice seasoned with furikake, a dry Japanese seasoning typically sprinkled on top of rice.


Genmai (玄米)

  • Brown rice, which is rice that has only had its hull removed.

Gingko Gohan (銀杏ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with gingko nuts, which have a unique buttery flavor.

Gomashio Gohan (ごま塩ご飯)

  • Rice seasoned with gomashio, a mixture of sesame seeds and salt.

Gomoku Gohan (五目ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with five ingredients, often including vegetables and protein.

Gomoku Kamameshi (五目釜飯)

  • A variation of Gomoku Gohan cooked in an iron pot, often served with various toppings.

Goya Chāhan (ゴーヤチャーハン)

  • Fried rice made with bitter melon (goya), often accompanied by pork and tofu.

Gyu Don (牛丼)

  • A rice bowl topped with thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a sweet and savory sauce.

Gyu-fū Gohan (牛蒸し飯)

  • Rice steamed with beef, often seasoned with soy sauce and sake.

Gyūmeshi (牛飯)

  • Another term for beef bowl, similar to Gyu Don.

Gyūsuji Gohan (牛筋ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with beef tendons, often stewed until tender.

Gyūtan Don (牛タン丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with grilled beef tongue slices.


Hamo Gohan (はもご飯)

  • Rice cooked with pike conger, a type of eel.

Harako Meshi (はらこ飯)

  • Rice cooked with salmon and salmon roe, a specialty of Miyagi Prefecture.

Hato Gohan (鳩ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with pigeon or dove meat.

Hato Meshi (鳩飯)

  • Another term for Hato Gohan, rice cooked with pigeon.

Hayashi Raisu (ハヤシライス)

  • A Japanese-style beef stew served over rice, similar to a Western-style hash.

Hijiki Gohan (ひじきご飯)

  • Rice cooked with hijiki seaweed, often mixed with vegetables and tofu.

Himono Gohan (干物ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with dried fish, a traditional Japanese preservation method.

Hokkai Don (北海丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with seafood specialties from the Hokkaido region.

Hokkai Gohan (北海ご飯)

  • Another term for Hokkai Don, emphasizing the rice aspect.

Hoshii (干し飯)

  • Dried rice, often rehydrated and consumed as a quick meal.

Hōtō Gohan (ほうとうご飯)

  • Rice served with Hōtō, a noodle soup dish from the Yamanashi Prefecture.


Ika Meshi (いか飯)

  • Rice-stuffed squid, often simmered in a soy-based sauce.

Ikanago no Kugini Gohan (いかなごのくぎ煮ご飯)

  • Rice served with Ikanago no Kugini, a dish of sand eels cooked in a sweet and savory sauce.

Ikura Don (いくら丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with ikura (salmon roe), often with a dash of soy sauce.

Inari Sushi (稲荷寿司)

  • Sushi rice inside a pocket of slightly sweet, marinated tofu skin.

Ingen Gohan (いんげんご飯)

  • Rice cooked with string beans, often seasoned with soy sauce.

Iriko Gohan (いりこご飯)

  • Rice cooked with dried baby sardines, adding a salty flavor.

Iso-meshi (磯飯)

  • Rice cooked with various seafood, reminiscent of the seashore (iso).

Iwashi Gohan (いわしご飯)

  • Rice cooked with sardines, often seasoned with ginger and soy sauce.


Jako-meshi (じゃこ飯)

  • Rice cooked with tiny dried fish, often mixed with sesame seeds.


Kabocha Gohan (かぼちゃご飯)

  • Rice cooked with kabocha squash, giving it a sweet and earthy flavor.

Kai Meshi (貝飯)

  • Rice cooked with various shellfish, often seasoned with sake and soy sauce.

Kaki Gohan (牡蠣ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with oysters, often seasoned with a bit of ginger.

Kakiage Don (かき揚げ丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with kakiage, a type of tempura made with mixed vegetable strips.

Kamado-meshi (竈飯)

  • Rice cooked in a traditional Japanese stove called a kamado.

Kamado-san Gohan (かまどさんご飯)

  • Another term for Kamado-meshi, emphasizing the traditional cooking method.

Kamakura-meshi (鎌倉飯)

  • Rice dish associated with the Kamakura area, often featuring local ingredients.

Kamameshi (釜飯)

  • Rice, meat, and vegetables cooked together in an iron pot.

Kamo Gohan (鴨ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with duck meat, often seasoned with green onions and soy sauce.

Kani Gohan (かにご飯)

  • Rice cooked with crab meat, extracting its sweet and savory flavors.

Kani-meshi (蟹飯)

  • Another term for Kani Gohan, emphasizing the crab content.

Kanimeshi (かに飯)

  • Yet another term for crab rice, often used interchangeably with Kani-meshi.

Kare Raisu (カレーライス)

  • Japanese curry rice, where rice is served alongside a thick, flavorful curry.

Karei Gohan (かれいご飯)

  • Rice cooked with flounder or flatfish, often seasoned with a bit of sake.

Katsu Don (カツ丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments.

Katsu Gohan (カツご飯)

  • Rice served with a deep-fried breaded pork cutlet.

Katsu Kare Gohan (カツカレーご飯)

  • Rice served with a pork cutlet and Japanese curry sauce.

Katsuobushi Gohan (鰹節ご飯)

  • Rice flavored with dried bonito flakes, often seasoned with soy sauce.

Kawahagi Gohan (皮はぎご飯)

  • Rice cooked with filefish, a type of flatfish.

Kenchinjiru (けんちん汁)

  • A clear soup with tofu, root vegetables, and sometimes mochi rice cakes.

Kinoko Gohan (きのこご飯)

  • Rice cooked with a variety of mushrooms.

Kinpira Gohan (金平ご飯)

  • Rice mixed with sautéed vegetables, often seasoned with soy sauce and mirin.

Koi Gohan (鯉ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with carp fish, often seasoned with soy sauce.

Korokke Gohan (コロッケご飯)

  • Rice served with Japanese croquettes, often made from mashed potatoes or ground meat.

Kuri Gohan (栗ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with chestnuts, offering a sweet and nutty flavor.

Kurumi Gohan (くるみご飯)

  • Rice cooked with walnuts, giving it a crunchy texture.


Maguro Don (まぐろ丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with slices of raw tuna.

Mame Gohan (豆ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with green peas, often seasoned with a bit of salt.

Matsuba Gohan (松葉ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with pine needles or crab meat (Matsuba crab).

Matsutake Gohan (松茸ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with matsutake mushrooms, a prized delicacy in Japan.

Maze Gohan (混ぜご飯)

  • Mixed rice dish where various ingredients are stirred into cooked rice.

Mekajiki Gohan (めかじきご飯)

  • Rice cooked with swordfish, often seasoned with ginger and soy sauce.

Mentaiko Gohan (明太子ご飯)

  • Rice flavored with spicy cod roe (mentaiko).

Miso Gohan (味噌ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with miso paste, giving it a savory umami flavor.

Mochi (餅)

  • Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice, often eaten during special occasions.

Mochi Gohan (餅ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with mochi, giving it a chewy texture.

Mochi Kinako Gohan (餅きな粉ご飯)

  • Mochi rice topped with kinako (roasted soybean flour) and sweet syrup.

Motsunabe Gohan (もつ鍋ご飯)

  • Rice served with motsunabe, a hot pot dish made with beef or pork offal.

Moyashi Gohan (もやしご飯)

  • Rice cooked with bean sprouts, often seasoned with a touch of sesame oil.

Mugi Gohan (麦ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with barley, offering a nutty flavor and chewy texture.


Namasu Gohan (なますご飯)

  • Rice served with namasu, a dish of thinly sliced vegetables marinated in vinegar.

Nanohana Gohan (菜の花ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with nanohana (rape blossoms), a springtime delicacy.

Nasu Gohan (なすご飯)

  • Rice cooked with eggplant, often seasoned with soy sauce.

Nattō Gohan (納豆ご飯)

  • Rice mixed with nattō, fermented soybeans known for their sticky texture.

Negitoro Don (ネギトロ丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with a mix of minced tuna and green onions.

Negitoro Gohan (ねぎとろご飯)

  • Another term for Negitoro Don, emphasizing the rice aspect.

Nikujaga Gohan (肉じゃがご飯)

  • Rice served with nikujaga, a stewed dish of meat and potatoes.

Nori Tsukudani Gohan (海苔佃煮ご飯)

  • Rice flavored with nori tsukudani, a type of seaweed paste.


Ochazuke (お茶漬け)

  • Rice soaked in green tea or dashi, often topped with pickles or seafood.

Ojiya (おじや)

  • A type of rice porridge made with leftover rice, vegetables, and sometimes meat.

Okaka Gohan (おかかご飯)

  • Rice flavored with bonito flakes and a dash of soy sauce.

Okowa (おこわ)

  • A type of sticky rice dish, often mixed with vegetables or meat.

Omurice (オムライス)

  • Rice stir-fried with ketchup and wrapped in an omelette.

Onigiri (おにぎり)

  • Japanese rice balls, often filled with pickled plum, salmon, or other fillings.


Pirafu (ピラフ)

  • Japanese pilaf, rice cooked with seasoned broth and often mixed with vegetables or meat.


Renkon Gohan (れんこんご飯)

  • Rice cooked with lotus root, offering a crunchy texture.

Rice Burger (ライスバーガー)

  • A burger where the buns are made of compressed rice patties.


Saba Gohan (鯖ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with mackerel, often seasoned with ginger and soy sauce.

Saba-zushi (鯖寿司)

  • Pressed sushi made with mackerel on top of vinegared rice.

Sakana Gohan (魚ご飯)

  • General term for rice dishes cooked with fish.

Sake-meshi (鮭飯)

  • Rice cooked with salmon, often flaked and mixed throughout.

Sansai Gohan (山菜ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with wild mountain vegetables.

Sasami Gohan (ささみご飯)

  • Rice cooked with chicken tenderloin.

Sasami-meshi (ささみ飯)

  • Another term for Sasami Gohan, emphasizing the chicken content.

Satoimo Gohan (里芋ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with taro root, giving it a creamy texture.

Sawara Gohan (さわらご飯)

  • Rice cooked with Spanish mackerel.

Sekihan (赤飯)

  • Sticky rice cooked with adzuki beans, often eaten on special occasions.

Shako Gohan (蝦蛄ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with mantis shrimp.

Shamo Gohan (軍鶏ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with gamefowl, a type of chicken.

Shijimi Gohan (しじみご飯)

  • Rice cooked with freshwater clams.

Shimeji Gohan (しめじご飯)

  • Rice cooked with shimeji mushrooms.

Shio Kombu Gohan (塩昆布ご飯)

  • Rice flavored with salted kelp.

Shiozake Gohan (塩鮭ご飯)

  • Rice served with salted salmon.

Shirasu Chirashi (しらすちらし)

  • Scattered sushi rice topped with tiny white fish (shirasu).

Shirasu Don (しらす丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with shirasu, often accompanied by other toppings.

Shirasu Gohan (しらすご飯)

  • Rice topped with shirasu, tiny white fish often eaten raw or boiled.

Shishamo Gohan (ししゃもご飯)

  • Rice served with shishamo, a small fish known for being grilled with roe inside.

Soboro Gohan (そぼろご飯)

  • Rice topped with ground chicken, beef, or pork that's been seasoned and cooked.

Suimono Gohan (吸い物ご飯)

  • Rice served with a clear soup, often containing seafood or vegetables.

Sumeshi (酢飯)

  • Vinegared rice used for sushi dishes.


Tai Gohan (鯛ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with sea bream (tai).

Tai-meshi (鯛飯)

  • Another term for Tai Gohan, emphasizing the sea bream content.

Takana Gohan (高菜ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with takana, pickled mustard greens.

Takana-meshi (高菜飯)

  • Another term for Takana Gohan, emphasizing the mustard greens.

Takenoko Gohan (筍ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with bamboo shoots.

Takikomi Gohan (炊き込みご飯)

  • Rice cooked with various ingredients like vegetables, meat, or seafood.

Tako Gohan (たこご飯)

  • Rice cooked with octopus.

Takowasa Gohan (たこわさご飯)

  • Rice served with takowasa, a mixture of raw octopus and wasabi.

Tamago Chāhan (卵チャーハン)

  • Fried rice with scrambled eggs.

Tamago Kake Gohan (卵かけご飯)

  • Rice topped with a raw egg, often seasoned with soy sauce.

Tara-meshi (鱈飯)

  • Rice cooked with cod.

Tarako Gohan (たらこご飯)

  • Rice flavored with tarako, salted cod roe.

Tarako Spaghetti Gohan (たらこスパゲッティご飯)

  • Rice served with tarako spaghetti, a pasta dish made with cod roe.

Tekka Don (鉄火丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with slices of raw tuna.

Tekonezushi (手こね寿司)

  • A type of sushi where fish, usually tuna, is mixed with vinegared rice.

Tenmusu (天むす)

  • A combination of tempura and onigiri, where a tempura shrimp is wrapped with rice and seaweed.

Tenpura Gohan (天ぷらご飯)

  • Rice served with tempura, battered and deep-fried seafood or vegetables.

Tofu Gohan (豆腐ご飯)

  • Rice cooked or served with tofu.

Tori Gohan (鶏ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with chicken.

Torimeshi (鶏飯)

  • Another term for Tori Gohan, emphasizing the chicken content.

Tororo Gohan (とろろご飯)

  • Rice served with tororo, a slimy yam paste.


Ume Shiso Gohan (梅しそご飯)

  • Rice flavored with pickled plum (ume) and shiso leaves.

Ume-meshi (梅飯)

  • Rice cooked with pickled plum.

Umeshiso Gohan (梅しそご飯)

  • Another term for Ume Shiso Gohan, emphasizing the combination of plum and shiso.

Unadon (うな丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with grilled eel (unagi) glazed with a sweet soy-based sauce.

Unagi Don (うなぎ丼)

  • Another term for Unadon, emphasizing the eel topping.

Unagi Kabayaki Don (うなぎ蒲焼丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with kabayaki-style grilled eel.

Uzura Gohan (うずらご飯)

  • Rice cooked with quail eggs.


Wakame Gohan (わかめご飯)

  • Rice cooked with wakame seaweed.

Wappa-meshi (わっぱ飯)

  • Steamed rice with various ingredients, traditionally cooked in a bamboo container.

Warabimochi Gohan (わらび餅ご飯)

  • Rice served with warabimochi, a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch.

Warishita Gohan (割り下ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with warishita, a flavorful broth often used in sukiyaki.


Yakimeshi (焼き飯)

  • Japanese-style fried rice.

Yakionigiri (焼きおにぎり)

  • Grilled rice balls, often brushed with soy sauce.

Yakizakana Gohan (焼き魚ご飯)

  • Rice served with grilled fish.

Yuba Don (湯葉丼)

  • Rice bowl topped with yuba, tofu skin.

Yuba Gohan (湯葉ご飯)

  • Rice cooked with yuba.

Yudofu Gohan (湯豆腐ご飯)

  • Rice served with yudofu, tofu simmered in a hot broth.


Zosui (雑炊)

  • A rice soup made with leftover rice, often flavored with fish or chicken and vegetables.

Essential Tips for Enjoying Japanese Rice Dishes

When diving into the world of Japanese rice dishes, there are a few key tips to enhance your culinary experience.

First and foremost, always use freshly cooked rice; its texture and warmth can significantly elevate a dish.

Pairing rice with complementary side dishes or pickles, known as 'tsukemono', can balance flavors and add a delightful crunch.

When enjoying dishes like sushi or onigiri, it's essential to have slightly vinegared rice to counteract the richness of the fillings or toppings.

Lastly, always show appreciation by saying 'itadakimasu' before eating, a gesture of gratitude for the meal.

Embracing these nuances will not only deepen your appreciation for Japanese rice dishes but also enrich your overall dining experience.