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Chillin' with some cold soba and sudachi at Handmade Soba Soba Soba Kioicho Branch 🍜🍋

They sure know how to pick the tastiest seasonal soba noodles from all over Japan. Freshly ground buckwheat flour every morning using a traditional stone mortar, blended with milled crumbs for that extra buckwheat aroma. The result? Carefully handcrafted noodles that pair perfectly with fragrant dashi stock and traditional soy sauce. They've got more than the classics; their seasonal soba, tempura, and dishes celebrating the current season are a must-try. Wash it all down with your favorite drink and finish off with their exquisite soba noodles. 😋
And speaking of exquisite, I couldn't resist the seasonal delight of cold soba and sudachi, topped with grated yam. 🌟 Sudachi, a zesty Japanese citrus fruit, adds that tangy twist. Located at Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho Building, this place is a gem for foodies in Tokyo. If you're into exploring Tokyo like I am, walking those 10K steps a day, and indulging in matcha, coffee, and fantastic eats, don't miss this spot! 👣☕🍽️
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