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Coffee & Matcha Magic at Streamers: The Military Latte Experience

Sipping Streamers' extraordinary Military Latte is like a flavor symphony 🎶. It's a special blend of espresso, freshly made matcha, and a hint of white chocolate – a perfect mix of coffee and matcha. Streamers' espresso is exceptional, known as the 'MUD,' with a rich, full, and smooth taste, thanks to their unique process. They use 21g of beans for each cup, roasted to perfection and expertly brewed by skilled baristas. If you're seeking an exceptional coffee experience, Streamers is the place ☕.
Streamers' signature, the Military Latte, is a visual and tasty treat 🎨. The vivid green matcha and rich brown espresso create a captivating swirl, making it a true work of art. Streamers is one of the very few places mastering this blend to perfection. Whether you're a coffee expert or just looking for an amazing cup, Streamers delivers a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.
I like to add my twist to the Military Latte. Swapping out regular milk for soy milk and skipping the white chocolate not only cuts down on sweetness and calories but also elevates the bold flavors. It's my little secret for an even more intense coffee and matcha experience! ☕
Come savor the magic of the Military Latte; it's a must-try caffeinated masterpiece. Get ready to embark on a coffee adventure like no other!  Thumbs up from me! 🚀😋 #StreamersSips #CoffeeMatchaMagic #DecadentDelights #SipAndSeeTokyo #DishNotes #zenDineJapan #CaffeineChronicles #MatchaMagic #CoffeeConnoisseur #SavorTheFlavor

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